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Reimagine the fabric

We are using photonics to realize scalable, high-bandwidth, energy-sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that enable the next generation of AI, ML, and simulation hardware.

Our Values


Team is the single most critical determinant of execution and organization success. We always celebrate success together and share the accountability for



Work smart and not hard. We value efficient, intelligent work strategies for achieving the highest success, with substantial, sustainable accomplishments.


Where there's a will, there's a way. Eternal resolve to solve customer problems and meet commitments will win everlasting trust from customers and team alike


Passion for Xscape's vision & mission, together with insatiable energy and enthusiasm for solving problems, drives the overall team morale.


We gravitate towards solving challenging problems that are unresolved in the industry. We also believe challenging situations can be a great fuel for bringing the team together.


Constantly questioning the status quo and innovation on every level starting with technology to organizational practices positions us well to take on every competition from small startups to big companies.


Venturing into new opportunities with nothing but a passion for learning and succeeding in an unexplored field is fundamental to building a successful disruptive startup.


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